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ThingTech IoT Solutions to Extend Sales and Service Cloud

ThingTech IoT solutions that come integrated with Salesforce, offer a device-agnostic platform, and provide secure network connectivity.


First you build your company on the world’s leading cloud platform. Then you create an airtight process for turning sales leads into accounts and accounts into loyal customers. This is a common beginning for Sales and Service Cloud users, but the stories begin to fork in different directions from here. Data, however, is always the main character because it’s critical to your business and somewhere in the sea of megabytes you’re storing are key performance indicators (KPIs) that mark the distance between your position and your goals.

Any Salesforce user with measurable KPIs wants to close this gap efficiently quick. If your job is managing vehicles, assets, or field workers the IoT is a bridge beyond compare. The IoT (Internet of Things) gives you vision into the moving parts of your operations in real-time. IoT-enabled hardware, GPS trackers, sensors, and smartphones allow you to constantly monitor the assets you manage. Salesforce’s Sales and Service Cloud products don’t provide you with an out-of-the-box pipeline for collecting real-time data. But customers can use ThingTech IoT solutions that come integrated with Salesforce, offer a device-agnostic platform, and provide secure network connectivity for your streaming data.

Real-time data alone isn’t a complete solution, though. Once it is gathered and linked to Salesforce it needs to be actionable. The true value of the IoT isn’t realized until you know exactly what data to collect and how to use it. Salesforce users are looking to extend their Sales and Service cloud for varying reasons. The role IoT plays in helping you make better business decisions and achieve more predictable outcomes will be determined by your goals.

Managers under revenue pressure in a sales-focused organization, for example, can use IoT data to gauge customer satisfaction before a sales call and prioritize upsell opportunities based on service activity. Also, with all activities logged in one place, field service teams can improve communication with sales teams, streamline customer visits, and predict when inspections or maintenance is due. In this solution brief, you’ll discover why ThingTech IoT solutions for Sales and Service Cloud users can be the key to digital transformation.


IoT Use Case: Medical Supply Company

Up in the cloud there are over 150,000 Salesforce CRM users1 looking for better ways to understand their customers and crush sales goals. These companies span every major market, including the medical supply sector where competitive pricing at scale could disrupt the entire industry.2 Whether you choose to fight a price war or focus on delivering personalized service with a white-glove touch, your field sales and service teams need to operate at the highest levels of efficiency to remain competitive. That is the reason companies are looking to combine telematics and CRM data.

In 2017, a leading U.S. provider of medical supplies and surgical equipment collaborated with ThingTech to create a connected workforce and bring real-time telematics data into Salesforce. The company chose ThingTech because of its end-to-end IoT platform that comes fully integrated with Salesforce. By centralizing all their customer data in one place, the medical supplies company can now easily share data across departments.

Relationship management is vital to the company’s success because the medical supplies business isn’t confined to the sales process. The account lifecycle is managed by both field sales and service reps. When expensive equipment like an MRI machine is sold to care providers such as physicians’ offices, hospitals, surgery centers, and government agencies the field service rep is responsible for ensuring the customer’s staff knows how to use it, and that the equipment is properly maintained.

Care providers must keep track and maintain lots of expensive things. Unexpected downtime can have a tremendous effect on costs and patient satisfaction. That’s why care providers rely on their medical supplies companies, who can use telematics and CRM data to provide regular inspections and preventive maintenance to avoid equipment failures and breakdowns.

Digital transformation has made customer loyalty a company-wide priority, automated field sales and service tasks, and helped sales reps close more sales by anticipating customer needs. With ThingTech’s IoT solution for Salesforce users, sales reps know when a field service rep last visited their customer, what equipment has been serviced and the maintenance performed, and what products to sell on their next sales call. Field service reps can also use this data to predict and schedule service based on sales opportunities in the pipeline and deals that were recently closed. And supervisors gain greater visibility into asset utilization and service delivery.


The Key Advantages of Extending Your Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Out-of-the-Box Iot Connectivity for Device, Communication, and Data Aggregation.

The Salesforce community’s interest in extending their Sales and Service Cloud is ballooning across industrial industries. There are plenty of products on the AppExchange that give you the ability to stream, aggregate, analyze, and visualize data from real-time events. ThingTech stands out by offering an out-of-the-box solution that combines these functionalities and makes it easy to quickly deploy them at scale. When the missing piece of your operations is real-time device or sensor data, ThingTech can help you pull this data into your Sales or Service cloud with incredible speed and flexibility, supporting implementations that range from plug-and-play to highly configurable.

Extend Sales and Service Cloud with Iot Data.

The Salesforce team engineered connectivity into the design of Sales and Service Cloud to serve data-driven cultures that demand more data sources for greater contextualization. Your Sales and Service Cloud thrives with IoT data, but connectivity to this data isn’t available out-of-the-box. Companies that want to supplement their CRM data can rely on ThingTech to deliver real-time connectivity from edge to cloud to enterprise. ThingTech’s device-agnostic platform allows you to gather streaming edge data from telematics hardware, sensors, mobile phones, and IoT-enabled devices embedded within equipment and machines. You can also use ThingTech’s suite of Open APIs and connectors to integrate other enterprise systems, unlocking meaningful insights within mapping layers, reporting, and other data visualization tools.

Automate Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.

If you manage the maintenance needs of your organization, it’s critical to maximize the useful life of your assets from purchase to disposal. To help you extend the utilization and lifecycle of your business-critical assets, whether fixed or mobile, ThingTech integrates CRM and IoT data to automate PM schedules for any maintenance or inspection-related services. ThingTech’s extensible object model is designed to handle any user-defined data type before it is passed through a rules-based engine that can trigger workflows based on real-time events. Do more than streamline corrective and preventive maintenance programs. When you choose ThingTech, you also get access to advanced analytics that can add predictability to your workflow automation.

Optimize Field Sales and Service Delivery.

There are measurable benefits to logging all sales and service activities in one place. When field service professionals are aware of what’s being sold, they can better prepare for what needs to be serviced. When field sales professionals are aware of what has or needs to be serviced, they can better prepare for their next sales call. ThingTech can give you a 360° view of sales and service that will bring your teams in sync with maximizing engagement with your most important customers, prioritizing jobs based on hours available or date of last visit, and automating workflows based on territory, asset condition / performance, rep proximity to job location, or job type.

Transform Your Customer Experience.

While you may be thinking that Sales and Service Cloud is the answer to closing more deals and personalizing customer engagements, there’s still room to generate more pipeline. New business opportunities may arise when customers have greater visibility into the service delivery process. You can run your business more efficiently and enable customers to see when your sales and service reps will arrive using ThingTech’s IoT platform to securely extend real-time data to your customers. Not only can you automate customer notifications once a field sales or service rep enters a geofence, ThingTech’s mobile application enables you to charge a premium for giving your customers the ability to track, monitor, and manage their assets in real-time.

About ThingTech

ThingTech delivers an intelligent, scalable, end-to-end IoT platform and product suite that brings together all hardware, software, and data necessary to monitor and manage your assets in real-time, maximize asset productivity, reduce maintenance costs, extend and improve lifecycle and utilization, and streamline work processes from the office to the field.

ThingTech’s IoT product suite includes:

  • ThingX Connect: A radically intelligent IIoT platform and product suite that integrates enterprise asset management (EAM), streaming real-time data, and field service automation.
  • ThingTech Real Time. Revolutionary real-time cloud-based solution designed for asset intensive organizations.
  • ThingX Mobile. Helps field service companies track their fleet, equipment, and mobile workforce in real-time.
  • ThingTech Enterprise. Comprehensive and configurable EAM that streamlines asset management and maintenance.
  • ThingX Analytics. Managed service that leverages advanced dashboards, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms.


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