All-In Removal Case Study

All-In Removal Transforms Manure Removal and Shavings Delivery by Switching to Thingtech

The technology enabling All-In Removal to remove and replace horse bedding same day is an IoT-enabled telematics solution from ThingTech.


“The best thing our solution does is provide alarms to trigger other things. Alarm events allow me to send alerts, create a record, or check a field on a record.”

Kevin Hart, All-In Removal


Companies that dispatch crews covering a vast geographical region need to know where their vehicles and workers are at all times. In addition to using CRM (customer relationship management) software to coordinate sales and service, these companies also need a single system of record for gathering real-time data on their assets, as well as tracking maintenance and repair records.

All-In Removal manages a mixed fleet of 20 vehicles with crews spread across the Ocala, Florida area. The company specializes in horse manure removal and high-quality products for horse bedding. Today, they are the only local provider offering a “Drop and Swap” package that bundles these two services in one trip. “We can offer this bundle reliably and at a lower cost with ThingTech,” says All-In Removal IT and Marketing Director, Kevin Hart.


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Live Tracking Makes Dispatch Easier

The technology enabling All-In Removal to remove and replace horse bedding same day is an IoT-enabled telematics solution from ThingTech. Hart uses ThingTech’s vivid and intuitive dashboard to monitor the location, speed, and health of his fleet. When same day requests come in, Hart can map all his crews on one screen to determine who can respond the quickest. ThingTech offers direct integration with Salesforce CRM, making it easier for crews to access the information needed to complete jobs same day, as quickly as possible, and in a single visit.

With enhanced dispatching, routing, and scheduling, Hart can respond quickly to clients. “What separates All-In Removal from competitors is our unrivaled quality of service,” Hart said. “Others take days to get out to a customer’s location. We provide same day service and can bring fresh horse bedding and remove bedding in one trip.” Hart also uses ThingTech’s solution to geofence customer locations to be notified when a driver enters and exits a job site.


Switching to One Single System of Record

Thingtech wasn’t the first telematics solution All-In Removal has deployed, but it’s the first to make all their data available in one place. Before giving ThingTech a try, they used a competing product. “Later we found out it didn’t tie into anything. Information was in two places,” Hart says.

Creating a single system of record for operational data was important to Hart. The company uses Salesforce to coordinate, price, quote and schedule jobs. To maximize their efforts Hart needed a telematics solution that could integrate with Salesforce so accounts could be linked with real-time operational data. “By putting this data together, we know where the vehicle is and what the driver is working on.”

In addition, the solution also helps All-In Removal track and schedule maintenance. With ThingTech, Hart can get real-time information about miles driven, driver behavior, and diagnostic trouble codes that feed into vehicle repair records. Unlike many other telematics solutions, ThingTech supports maintenance and repair management within the application. This allows Hart to avoid data discrepancies, premature repairs, and last-minute parts orders. “We’re now able to correlate GPS and diagnostic data to ensure we’re performing maintenance in a timely fashion.”


Real-Time Data Improves Customer Service

Customer service has improved significantly since deploying ThingTech’s telematics solution. “For customers that use both [manure removal and shavings delivery] services, we offer savings versus doing it separately,” Hart explained.

The solution has also benefited the staff who uses real-time data to verify whether a job has been performed or not. If a customer calls in for an estimated time of arrival (ETA), for example, staff can improve the customer experience by providing customers with the driver’s ETA. Or, if a customer calls in with a complaint, staff members can review the driver’s route in real-time while the customer is still on the phone.


Improving Productivity with ThingTech

IoT-enabled telematics has become a cost-effective strategy for growing revenues through enhanced operational efficiency, improved productivity, and increased customer satisfaction. Business is improving at All-In Removal because Hart has a clearly defined use case and plan for measuring success.

One key measure of success is driver productivity, which the company is seeing increase with ThingTech. On average, for example, roll-off trucks can complete up to 15 jobs per day while walking floor semi trucks complete up to 4-5 jobs per day. ThingTech’s telematics solution also gives Hart the ability to benchmark driver performance and estimated time of completion.

Another measure of success is maintenance and repair requests. With ThingTech, Hart can easily calculate the cost savings for maintenance by comparing the number of repair requests initiated via telematics versus drivers and mechanics.


Why ThingTech

As service delivery companies look to improve operational efficiencies by making data-driven decisions, ThingTech can help. Our solutions integrate with Salesforce and other CRM systems to help your company gain valuable pieces of data from our system, increase field technician productivity, and boost customer satisfaction.

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