ThingX Connect

End-to-End Digital Transformation

Our IIoT Platform

ThingX Connect is a radically intelligent Industrial IIoT (IIoT) platform and product suite that integrates enterprise asset management (EAM), IIoT connectivity and field service automation. Assets—whether vehicles, heavy equipment, or power generators—that aren’t maintained properly will perform poorly, delay service delivery, result in costly breakdowns, and put the safety of workers at risk. Organizations that own, operate, and maintain expensive assets can’t achieve operational efficiencies without visibility into where these assets are, what condition they’re in, and how they’re performing. ThingX Connect offers an end-to-end solution that enables these companies to reduce costs, extend asset lifecycles, increase utilization, and improve service delivery.

How it Works

ThingX Connect is a revolutionary platform that productizes the IIoT into a simple yet configurable plug-and-play solution. ThingX Connect integrates ThingTech Real Time to capture streaming data from IoT devices/sensors at the edge. Real-time data can be processed at the edge on the device’s SoC (system on chip) or connected to ThingTech Enterprise, a cloud-based EAM system with deep functionalities. Finally, actionable intelligence gleaned from these insights can be extended to field service operations and visualized with ThingX Mobile, a responsive, intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application that enables field service mobility with GPS navigation and mapping, enhanced scheduling and dispatch, work order optimization, and many other mobile workforce management tools.

Platform Architecture

All ThingTech products are built upon an open framework and allows for integration via published, open API’s. ThingTech is flexible and customizable and has global scale, thanks in part to the power of the Salesforce Platform. The solution is: Web-Based and Easy to Use; GIS and Google Maps Centric; Flexible and Configurable; Mobile ready for real time field access; Extensible to a real-time solution; Built on open and published API’s.

ThingX Connectors and Agents provide intelligence to any device or sensor and communicates the data to us via our IoT gateway and wireless server. ThingX Connect provides a library of open API’s to connect to the enterprise for a seamless real time experience. Connector API Services supports the integration of GPS, Sensors, RFID, machines, geospatial and location-based systems, cellular communication gateways and Salesforce/ERP/Data Warehouse connectivity to the back office.

ThingX Connectors

Use Open APIs to integrate data sources, connect applications, exchange information, or monetize information by turning data into a service.


  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Infor
  • FieldAware
  • AssetWorks


  • CAN/J1939
  • AEMP 2.0
  • Vehicle / Equipment OEM
  • MQTT (sensors)
  • OPC-UA (PLC)
  • Mobile – iOS / Droid


  • Google Maps
  • Google Places
  • Google Navigation
  • OpenWeather


  • Caterpillar
  • Bobcat
  • John Deere
  • Teleogis
  • GeoTab

Before ThingTech, we used access databases and spreadsheets to compile our data and reports. Now, everything is in ThingTech and we all can access it 24/7 from anywhere. It’s changed the way we work and look at our data.

Aaron Russell, Director of Public Works, City of Burleson

Device and Protocol agnostic

Connect any IoT device that uses IoT protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS, WebSockets, CoAP, and MQTT. Transport data reliably and securely across any network communication protocol (e.g. cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LPWAN).

Extensible Object and Data Model

Access all your data quickly, comprehensively, and efficiently. Easily create user-defined data structures capable of handling large, complex data sets with accuracy. Categorize assets in classes, groups, or parent/child hierarchies. Highly configurable, but with minimal need for customization.

Rules-Based Engine

Process streaming data using a rules-based engine to trigger alerts, create workflows, and generate actionable data. Configure rules, meters, and frequency in a way that aligns with the best business outcomes. Automate events-driven decision making based on rules and business logic.

Robust User Permissions and Security

Grant or limit access to data at the record level with ease. Control who has access to reports and dashboards based on user roles and permissions.

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning

Discover the relationship between data inputs and operational outcomes. Predict failures before they occur. Predict trends in operational data to uncover previously unknown anomalies without having to pre-configure a rule to look for something.


  • Save time and money by implementing your IoT applications with speed and scale.
  • Bring data into a single, comprehensive container for a 360° view of all your mission critical vehicles, assets and resources.
  • Maximize connectivity between devices and the cloud, the cloud and applications, and applications and end users.
  • Integrate multiple asset classes and data sources across the enterprise.
  • Generate models that replicate vehicle, asset, sensor,  infrastructure, or machine performance to achieve preventative maintenance.

Accelerate your deployments by leveraging our IIoT platform and product suite