ThingTech Enterprise

Comprehensive. Flexible. Configurable.

Enterprise Asset Management Powered by the Industrial IoT

ThingTech Enterprise Application

ThingTech Enterprise is a comprehensive and configurable enterprise asset management (EAM) software solution that streamlines the management and maintenance processes for your vehicles, equipment and infrastructure. With ThingTech Enterprise, you can also integrate with IoT-enabled solutions that gather real-time data from assets in the field, extend work order management to field supervisors and workers with mobile applications, and integrate EAM data with other enterprise systems.


EAM Architecture

ThingTech Enterprise is an enterprise asset management software system built 100% on the platform, the world’s largest and most extensive B2B application ecosystem. ThingTech Enterprise offers an open framework that enables integration via Open APIs.


[ThingTech’s] unique integration of local government asset and infrastructure management and real time location and utilization data was critical in our decision process. We are excited about the partnership and have already generated significant ROI shortly after the implementation process.

Aaron Russell, Public Works Director, City of Burleson

Product Capabilities

ThingTech Enterprise is designed to leverage the IoT to support real-time devices and sensors that can be plugged into the EAM for real-time location, utilization, diagnostics and field service performance needs.


  • Asset Management
  • Work Order Automation
  • PM Schedules
  • Asset Condition
  • Asset Inspection
  • Materials, Parts, and Inventory
  • Cost Allocation and Budgeting
  • Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • Maintenance Activity Analysis
  • Business Process
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting and Dashboard
  • Google Maps Support


  • MRO
  • Tire Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Incident and Accident Management
  • ESRI GIS Connector
  • NHTSA Recall Connector
  • ThingTech Real Time – Maps
  • AppExchange Apps and Widgets
  • Real-time route planning


ThingTech Enterprise Features

Deep Asset Management Functionalities

Easily create user-defined data structures capable of handling large, complex data sets with accuracy.

Condition-based and Predictive Maintenance Capabilities

Automate PM schedules using historical information and real-time data gathered from telematics, sensors, and DTC codes.

Work Order and Business Process Automation

Improve customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies, and revenues by accurately tracking and automating labor, service delivery, job planning, and work order scheduling.

Automate Budgeting and Capital Planning

Automate all your work, purchasing, and approval processes. Gain better visibility and reporting into capital projects by managing asset lifecycles in one software system.

Intuitive, Web-Based Application

Organize your mission-critical assets in the cloud.

Mobile Ready

Empower your mobile workforce and technicians.

Intuitive, Web-Based Design

We place a strong emphasis on the user experience. Our solutions have designed with the end user in mind. Data is easily accessible and can be updated with minimum keystrokes. Intuitive designs and progressive disclosure methods anticipate user needs and workflows.

Easy, Paperless Work Orders

Work Orders can be digitally written against any asset record in the system and scheduled for automatic creation based on the defined maintenance schedule for a given asset. Reduce costly repairs and extend the life of your assets with 100% adherence to your PM program. Create maintenance and inspection schedules by meter, calendar, or both; and track PM program adherence automatically.

Simple, Automated PM and Work Order Scheduling

Meters are utilized to automatically generate preventive, corrective, safety, compliance, and inspection tasks. Meters can be generated based on odometers, engine hours, calendar days or a combination of all.

Digitally Manage and Automate Everything

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and get a comprehensive view of utilization, condition, maintenance activities, and inspections. Import flat files and spreadsheets into ThingTech Enterprise to centralize records and provide a single repository for all asset, fleet, equipment, facility, and infrastructure data.

Integrated Parts and Materials, Inventory, and Purchasing

With ThingTech Enterprise, capital planning and replacement schedules can be automatically generated to assist in mid to long range capital planning and project needs. Also, all parts and labor costs are captured to gain an accurate total cost of ownership for assets.

Extend for Fuel, Tires, and Geo-Spatial Integration

Monitoring and management of your onsite fuel inventory with greater efficiency. Capture and track metadata from each tire to extend the life of your tires and vehicles. Combine your asset data with geospatial information systems (GIS).

Report on Everything with Convenience and Ease

Use our advanced reporting and dashboard tools to continuously monitor, measure, and manage the performance of your assets against company goals. ThingTech Enterprise custom reporting will get you on the path to data-driven decision making and help you uncover insights and trends.


  • Get a 360° view of enterprise assets, which include asset hierarchy, preventive maintenance programs, real-time meters, work orders, service requests, inspections, parts and materials.
  • Improve asset utilization, lifecycle management and visibility with a unified view of asset information, value, location, condition, and performance.
  • Improve asset lifecycle management and ‘repair versus replace’ decision making by tracking each asset’s utilization, value and maintenance history.
  • Reduce costs by decreasing emergency repairs, major breakdowns and unplanned downtime.
  • Define and setup meters to automatically generate preventive, safety, regulatory, and inspection tasks.
  • Automate work orders based on time intervals or meter readings.
  • Easily configure planned capital and operational projects and budgets.
  • See planned versus budget by each project and roll projects up to the parent account.
  • Get fuel, tires, and geo-spatial integration, as well as integrated Parts and Materials, Inventory, and Purchasing.

Manage metadata for all your assets with hierarchical depth and within one system.