A lot can happen out there in the field. We can help you mitigate risk and maximize efficiencies with real-time, actionable data on all your field assets.

ThingX Connect Features

Put Maps in All Your Apps

Asset records that have a geospatial component will be be mapped in ThingTech Enterprise as part of the asset record. Data attributes from the asset that need to be written back to the source GIS data will be captured and pushed back to the source GIS records. 

Seamless Geo-Spatial Integration

  • Google Maps Connector
  • OpenStreetMap Connector
  • ESRI ArcGIS Connector

Plug in ThingTech Real Time to map and integrate your real time location and IoT data into Salesforce.  Simply map your accounts, contacts, work orders, or custom objects to put maps in your apps.

Manage Everything. Anywhere!

ThingTech Enterprise is a comprehensive and deep enterprise asset management and maintenance platform designed to help organizations manage all of their assets and things – fleets, heavy equipment, facilities, parts and inventory, and more; to provide better visibility into the entire asset lifecycle – from purchase through disposal; streamline and automate maintenance on those assets to ensure they’re in a state of good repair, model your inspection programs, automate your budgeting and capital planning, and ultimately help with decision-support and long-term capital planning.

ThingTech Enterprise is the first enterprise asset management solution built 100% on the force.com platform. This platform is the world’s largest and most extensive B2B application ecosystem in the world.

Device Agnostic

Capture data from a variety of sources: devices, sensors, smart phones, machines, equipment, vehicles, assets and more. ThingTech provides a Telematics 2.0 and MQTT compliant platform allowing for unparalleled flexibility in modern IoT connectivity.

Eliminate Data Silos

Unlock your data and eliminate silos within your organization by leveraging ThingX Connect. Integrate your real-time and asset data with other mission-critical systems such as your ERP or CRM to complete a 360° view of your complete operations.  Leverage our REST API developer platform to integrate your applications into the ThingTech platform.

Access All Your Data On The Go

Whether you’re performing a repair on a machine, visiting a sales prospect or coordinating an emergency management response, get instant access to the data that you need, when you need it, on the device that you always have with you.

Streamline Work Order Management

Improve your maintenance workflow and eliminate paper by connecting work to your assets, automate maintenance management, alerting, and workflows to help streamline operations, inform prioritization, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Simplified Asset Management

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, heavy equipment, infrastructure, or a group of facilities or an entire city, ThingTech simplifies the process of managing all your valuable assets and inventory and provides a streamlined solution for easy-to-use, complete asset awareness.

ThingTech Enterprise is our fully integrated cloud-based enterprise fleet and asset management solution to manage asset inventory, condition, parts and materials, work orders, and to optimize asset and infrastructure inspection processes.  Capital planning and replacement schedules are automatically generated to assist in mid to long range capital planning and project needs. Service requests, both internal and external (i.e. citizen) can be generated and assigned to appropriate worker.  All parts and labor costs are captured to gain an accurate total cost of ownership for assets. Utilize the Asset Inspection components to schedule and plan your inspection requirements. Meters are utilized to automatically generate preventive, corrective, safety, compliance, and inspection tasks.  Meters can be generated based on odometers, engine hours, calendar days or a combination of all.

Enterprise Solution for a Smarter Organization

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management
  • Asset Class and Performance Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Budget Management
  • Maintenance and Materials Management
  • Inspection and Condition Assessment
  • Capital Planning and Replacement
  • State and Federal Reporting Requirements
  • ThingX™ Connect Platform
  • ESRI GIS Connector
  • Google Maps Connector

Extensible and Scalable to our other products

  • ThingTech Real Time
  • ThingTech Field Service
  • ThingX Analytics

Our solutions are:

  • Web-Based and Easy to Use
  • ESRI GIS and Google Maps Engine Centric
  • Flexible and Configurable
  • Mobile ready for real time field access
  • Extensible to a real-time solution
  • Built on open and published API’s.

Extraordinary Savings

ThingTech clients report savings across the board, including a reduction in workplace accidents by 200% and hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue from new accounts.

Powerful Processing

The ThingX Engine allows the implementation of customized rules and standards and notifies you when they are broken, providing insight into potential issues.

Real-time Strategy

Up-to-the-moment technician locations and predictive analytics enable your company to reduce costly behaviour like idling and unauthorized use and maximize productivity.

Revolutionized Data Collection

ThingTech gathers data from smart phones, GPS trackers, and other sensors that offer valuable insights into every part of the field service process

Efficient Scheduling

ThingTech’s technology allows you to take into account available tools and assets and prioritize important jobs and tasks, eliminating costs and misuse.



With data-driven route planning and scheduling availabilities, you’ll experience an increase and productivity, and a decrease in technicians caught in traffic jams.


ThingTech leverages the Salesforce Service Cloud giving you access to all the data you need to exceed customer expectations every time. With real-time tracking, customers will know exactly when their technician is arriving.



Real-time data increases productivity with features such as route planning and work order optimization, as well as allowing you to correct errors and inefficiencies as they happen.



When you have accurate data on the status your entire fleet, it’s easy to make smart financial choices when it comes to maintenance and replacement. Our customers often report that our technology helps extend vehicle life by up to 20%.


Prevent costly maintenance work by using our real-time utilization data to track and schedule routine service appointments and other important events, such as insurance renewals.



Are you 100% confident in your data? When you consolidate data from all of your assets with ThingTech’s accessible, web-based system, you’ll have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, all the time.


With ThingTech, creating and assigning custom geofences to important accounts and areas is easier than ever. Set alerts to inform you when assets enter or leave certain areas.


Real-time analytic and diagnostic data captures status reports for engines, machines, and other sensors, alerting you to the possibility of a disruption before it happens.



With ThingTech Playback editor, you can review past routes, locations, alerts, and events, making it easier to address problems, streamline systems, and anticipate future needs.


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