Achieve extraordinary things
on the ThingX Platform

ThingTech provides solutions that enable organizations to leverage the Internet of Things ("IoT") to generate real-time actionable, reactive and operational data and processes.

Enabling this capability provides our clients with new insights and visibility into how their things and people are being used, and furthermore, to help them achieve sustainable impact on both the top and bottom lines

Take a Closer Look at the ThingX Platform


ThingX Connect

Connect to to multiple location-based devices, RFID, sensors, smartphones, and machines over multiple communication methods and data protocols. 

Connect GPS Device for real time location and telematics

Connect to your machines for real-time diagnostics

Connect to your equipment for real-time utilization

Connect to your mobile workforce smartphones and tablets for real time data capture and process automation


ThingX Agents

Capture and integrate asset data from third party applications and databases. 

Integrate legacy client server applications

Integrate spreadsheets and other file formats into your real-time strategy

Enable real time location, alerts, and predictive analytics across your organization



ThingX Engine

ThingX Engines processes your real time information from ThingX Connect and ThingX Agents to create usable and actionable data. 

Our Alarm Rules Based Engine analyzes your data to determine if your rules have been broken.  If so, trigger defined workflows and alerts.

Our Workflow Engine executes workflow and notifications based on real-time data. 

Our Geo-Processing Engine spatially analyzes real time data to map and visualize your real-time data more effectively.

Our Predictive Engine provides insight into potential issues or events that are likely to occur based on both historical and real time patterns and trends.  


THE ThingX™ PLatform...

...provides an inter-operable IoT service platform  and suite of API’s, device connectors, machine firmware and application agents that connect your assets, fleets, heavy equipment, sensors, machines, and mobile workforce in real time. 

Real time big data is captured from multiple real time and location-based devices and processed via our ThingX Engines to generate actionable data to fix operational issues. 

ThingX leverages emerging IoT data communication and messaging protocols to aggregate data from multiple device types and communication layers into a single real time IoT container. 


ThingTech clients achieve
extraordinary results

  • Fuel Savings of $50,000 per year
  • Insurance premium savings of 25%
  • Reduction in accidents by 200%
  • 100% elimination of speeding events
  • New incremental service revenues of $400,000
  • Asset recovery savings due to theft = $75,000
Thingtech is a game changer and saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis.”
— Keith Decher, CFO, Jonathan Green Company