ThingTech Product Features


Real-Time Data 

Know where your fleet, assets & mobile workforces are... AND what they’re doing in real time

Visualize your fleet in real-time and gain immediate insight into fleet location, breadcrumb trails, and statuses like speeding, idling, geofence violations and more.

You can also view historical locations and alarms for exoneration and service confirmation.

  • Mix and Match Any GPS or mobile device
  • View all active alarms and events
  • Easily find any asset
  • Group, sort, filter real time data
When we switched to ThingTech from our old GPS tracking solution, access to the data is much better than what we had before. Plus, we were immediately alerted when a theft occurred and we were able to recover $300,000 of property using ThingTech.”
— Chris Entrekin, Fleet and Asset Manager, Aubrey Silvey Construction

Set alarm rules & custom thresholds to match your unique requirements

Use ThingTech’s Alarm Rules Engine to define unique speed, idle, geofence, diagnostic trouble codes, utilization, status, condition, and asset behavior thresholds and alerts so we only inform you about data you care about. 

Alarm rules can be defined and assigned to flexibly by user, role, group, or department.  This provides support for an enterprise asset tracking and telematics solution where asset monitoring goals and requirements may vary.  

ThingTech's Geofences transform location data... into location "intelligence"

Easily create and assign geofences to your important locations, accounts, and customers.  Notify your customers when assets enter / exit certain locations.

Roll up alarms and utilization by geofence to get a full picture of activity. 

Go deeper with geospatial alarms that allow users to define alarms when specific actions take place within geofences like speeding, long stops, and aggregating utilization.

  • Auto-Geofence Assignment
  • Analyze geofence activity
  • Alert customers and users of entry / exit of workforce or assets
  • Validate and verify sales visits and service deliverie
We now have full insight into where our assets and field service techs are being utilized the most. We can analyze our utilization costs by jobsite.”
— Vann Pelt – Vice President, Aubrey Silvey Construction

Reduce downtime and failures by 80%

ThingTech captures engine, machine, and sensor diagnostic data in real time to predict potential failures and asset downtime.  Data is captured, processed, and analyzed by our alarm rule and predictive engines to generate actions which “predict and prevent” costly failures.

  • Capture OBDII or CAN diagnostic data from your fleet
  • Capture telematics data from your heavy equipment and non-powered assets
  • Easily map and view Diagnostics Alarms
  • Define diagnostic alarm rules, conditions and thresholds
  • Instantly receive push notifications to your ThingTech Mobile app on critical issues

Go back in time, anytime

ThingTech Playback Editor allows our customers to review any historical route, location, alarm, or event. 

Simply select the dates and time ranges and select play.  Select a single asset, multiple assets, or all your assets to replay all routes, locations, and events for the period.  Stop, start, fast forward, rewind, and pause as needed. 

Utilize Google Street View to accurately identify and audit locations.  

Complaince verification had been impossible for us. ThingTech gives us real data that is defensible. It is a major component of our customer service processes.”
— Jennifer Beamer, Program Manager, Atlanta Regional Commission