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                                             Real Time Transit Asset Intelligence

                                             Real Time Transit Asset Intelligence

Easily implement our enterprise transit asset management system that allows your agency to meet and exceed the FTA asset management mandate.   Manage the entire lifecycle of your assets, facilities, equipment, and fixed guideway infrastructure from cradle to grave.   Determine your state of good repair and implement a data driven decision support tool to improve operations, coordination, accountability, and increase the useful life of your assets.


Manage, Maintain, Inspect, and Analyze Your Assets through Entire Asset Lifecycle

                                         Seamless Integrated and Mobile Ready

  • Grants Management
  • Project and Budgeting
  • Procurement Management
  • Financial Analytics
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Maintenance and Work Order Management
  • Asset Inspection Programs
  • State of Good Repair Analytics
  • NTD Reporting Compliance
  • Capital Planning Analytics
  • Real Time Connectivty Geo Spatial Visualization

Large Urban, Small Urban, Rural...

I have to say, we’re very happy with the decision we’ve made. The system is powerful and flexible. I’m amazed!!
— Dean Orr, Asset Manager, Ride Connection


Transit Solution Overview

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Asset Inventory and State of Good Repair

Track and Maintain your Asset Inventory and Condition Assessments based on FTA TERM Categorization.

Automate TAM Reporting Compliance

Develop and execute a TAM Plan based on your Key Performance Metrics.  Periodically generate and submit TAM reports directly to FTA.

Computerized Maintenance Management

Automate maintenance record keeping for your Fleet, Facilities, Equipment, and Infrastructure with Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, Parts and Inventory, and more.

Asset Management and Compliance

Track and ensure compliance of all Assets for Registration, Insurance Coverage, Warranty Coverage, Driver Certification, and Incidents.

Purchasing, Grants and Budgeting

Track all assets and materials from purchase through disposition and account for every penny.

Fixed Asset Depreciation

Depreciate all assets for book keeping and financial analysis of remaining useful life and book value.


All the Things you need to meet Transit Asset Management (TAM) Requirements...

                                                                                         FTA Asset Classifications and Key Performance Indicators

                                                                                         FTA Asset Classifications and Key Performance Indicators