At ThingTech, one size doesn’t fit all. We understand that professionals in your industry have specific needs, and that your company has its own needs and priorities. That’s why we customize our solutions to support your unique business.


Open APIs

In addition to a suite of pre-built connectors, ThingTech provides a series of open API’s to help meet the unique needs of your organization. Want to utilize weather data to help make more informed decisions? We can help. Want to leverage the valuable investment you’ve made in your GIS data? We’ve got your back.

Device Agnostic

Capture data from a variety of sources: devices, sensors, smart phones, machines, equipment, vehicles, assets and more. ThingTech provides a Telematics 2.0 and MQTT compliant platform allowing for unparalleled flexibility in modern IoT connectivity.

Eliminate Data Silos

Unlock your data and eliminate silos within your organization by leveraging ThingX Connect. Integrate your real-time and asset data with other mission-critical systems such as your ERP or CRM to complete a 365 degree view of your complete operations

Access All Your Data On The Go

Whether you’re performing a repair on a machine, visiting a sales prospect or coordinating an emergency management response, get instant access to the data that you need, when you need it, on the device that you always have with you.

Field Service Enablement

Eliminate the need for paper manifest and work requests. Deploy ThingTech Mobile to your field staff to allow them to receive their work orders on a mobile phone or tablet. Manage work order tasks, status, completion and integrated navigation tools to seamlessly connect your crew to the back office.

Mobile Visibility

Keep tabs on your operations while on the go. ThingTech gives your team mobile tools to help enhance productivity in the field. Visualize where assets and personnel are in real time, diagnose issues in the palm of your hand, and dispatch the closest available resource to remediate.

Predictive and Prognostic Analytics

Given the high costs of industrial assets, extending their life cycles by harnessing the power of prognostic analytics for predictive maintenance is essential to maximizing your return on this substantial investment. Leverage your data to lower maintenance costs, increase safety, raise productivity and improve profits.

Maintenance and Work Order Management

Improve your maintenance workflow and eliminate paper by connecting work to your assets, automate maintenance management, alerting, and workflows to help streamline operations, inform prioritization, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Simplified Asset Management

Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles, a group of facilities or an entire city, ThingTech simplifies the process of managing all your valuable assets and inventory and provides a streamlined solution for easy-to-use, complete asset awareness.

Rules Based Alerting

As busy professionals, we don’t always have the luxury of monitoring operations as closely as we’d like. ThingTech provides you with the capability to configure alarms and alerts to notify you of issues that need immediate attention, delivered to you wherever you are, so you can ensure things are running smoothly.


Measure performance, utilization and status to garner critical insights into how your operations align with corporate goals. Accelerated access to mission critical data allows our users to identify challenges and opportunities sooner, meaning quicker paths to resolution, remediation or improvement.


Track and collect data from your valuable assets in real time. ThingTech makes it easy to collect data from your assets, giving you immediate insight into operations and the capability to make better informed decisions.

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