ThingTech Product Features


Automate & optimize field service teams, in real-time

Managing complex customer service contracts and fields service operations is very demanding and complicated by manual and redundant processes.  Field service automation and “revenue optimization” is key to improving your margins, customer service levels, and generating more loyal customers.  

ThingTech's field service optimization solutions increase productivity through real- time route planning, job scheduling, work order optimization, automated dispatching and field service mobile apps that get your technicians the data they need and navigates them to each job for improved job and order productivity.

You can easily measure your performance improvements via our field service dashboards to improve metrics such as first- time fix, technician productivity, and days to invoice. 

Customer Relationship Management Integration


ThingTech leverages the Salesforce Service Cloud, the world’s leading CRM, which enables you to manage your customer accounts, contacts, service details, and work orders assignment.    

In just days, you can start using a fully integrated customer service strategy that supports multiple communication channels that customers use to communicate with you. 

Imagine ... no more "Where's my technician?" calls from customers.

ThingTech lets you know where your people are via mobile device, so you can automatically notify customers when vehicle or service is arriving.  

And ThingTech's Dynamic Dispatch enables you to:

  • Identify and dispatch the best personnel available
  • Improve on-time performance via predictive ETA
  • Integrate real time traffic into your dispatch decisions
  • GANT Time View Dispatch
  • Google Map View Dispatch
  • Analyze Planned vs Actual Performanc



With ThingTech, we can now make real-time dispatch decisions that dramatically reduce costs but more importantly improves customer service.”
— Kevin Chambers, CTO, Ride Connection

Automated Route Planning
& Optimization 

Automated route planning and optimization tools create the most efficient schedules and routes.  Our patent-pending optimization heuristics generate real-world, practical, and most efficient schedules and routes. 

  • Flexible rules based engine
  • Easy to use.  Simply press a button
  • Drag and Drop Route Cards
  • Edit schedules
  • Review exceptions
  • Generate Performance Measures
  • Reduce miles while increasing efficiency


ThingTech is a game changer. We are saving hundreds of thousands a year and still have room to become more efficient.”
— Keith Decher, CFO, Jonathan Green Company