Welcome to ESP – a next generation Search and Referral program from the Atlanta Regional Commission. ESP allows users to easily search a database of Human Service Providers to help those in need. 

How Do I Access ESP?

Just navigate to www.arc-esp.com and enter your Username and Password. Tip: Bookmark the webpage for easy navigation back to ESP!!

How do I Report a Software Issue?

If you encounter a software issue, please submit a case to ARC Support. Click HERE to submit a case.

How Can I View the Training Webinar?

If you were unable to attend the ESP Training Webinar, please CLICK HERE to view a recording of the session.

How Do I Get Started with ESP?


Search and Referral has been designed to quickly and easily meet the needs of busy professionals. 

Functions Include:

To begin, navigate to Search via the Main Menu.


Search for Services

To begin, users may search for Service records by typing the selection into one of three boxes.

  • Provider: To search for all services offered by a specific Provider, type the provider's name and the and the system will bring up a list of all providers containing the search term. Click on the ‘X’ in the drop down box to clear the entry.
  • Category: To search for all services by a specific Category, type the taxonomy term for the Category and the system will auto-complete. You may also click on the drop down arrow and an alphabetical list of all major categories will appear.
  • Service: To search for all services by a specific Service, type the description of the Service and the system will bring up a list of all providers containing the search term. You may also click on the drop down arrow and an alphabetical list of all services will appear.


  • Searches can be performed by Provider OR by Category / Service. If a user searches by Provider, Category and Service will be ignored.
  • Searches can be performed by Category AND Service. If a user searches by a Category, only Services associated with the Category will be presented to the user for selection. The user may select multiple Services for expanded results.
  • Upon selecting Services, users may click on the Service in the drop down box for a detailed explanation of the Service description.

Search by Provider OR Category and / or Service

Click on Service in Drop Down for Detailed Service Description

Reset Search

If, after select a Provider or Category and / or Service the User would like to change the select Provider, Category, or Service, the user can easily Reset the Search and start again by selecting the 'Reset Search' button at the top of the Search screen.

Add Client to a Search

In order to send a referral list to a client from the ESP interface, users must add a client record to the Search. This is not required to search services, but is required to 1.) Generate a Referral record and 2.) Send the Referral to a Client from the ESP interface.

A Client may be added to a Search at anytime throughout the Search process and is not required to generate Search results.

Upon selecting the Client Information screen, users can:

  • Search for an Existing Client: Type as much or as little information as desired and select 'Find Client'. A list of Clients matching the search terms will appear and the user may select the client.
  • Create a New Client: Enter the information on the form and press 'Create Client'. This Client is now available for future searches and also associated with an existing Search.

Note: Client records are protected via data permissions. Clients are assigned to the specific agency/subscriber that created the client record and can only be accessed by Users in the same agency/subscriber.

Narrow and Refine Search Results

After the initial Search by Provider and Category and / or Service, the user will see a list of Services matching the criteria. The Search Results interface is organized into several main sections:

  • Map of Services: All Services that display in the Search results will be mapped. If the Search is performed with a linked Client, the Client's address will appear as a red map marker.
  • Data Filters: All data filters available for any of the Services that appear in the Search results will appear on the left of the screen. Upon making a single selection, the Search Results will automatically respond based on the selection. If the user wishes to 'undo' a filtered selection, press the 'x' in the filter drop down box and the Search Results will again dynamically update.
  • Service Tiles: Service records are presented below the map, each in a discrete tile. Summary information is provided and additional detailed information can be viewed by clicking 'Detailed Information' or 'Narrow By Information', which presents the filter data for the service record.
Search Results User Interface

Search Results User Interface

During the course of refining the Search, users may find it helpful to view Detailed Information about the Service OR to view the detailed Filter Information associated with a specific Service record. This information can be accessed by selecting the links labeled 'Detailed Information' and 'Narrow By Information'. Doing so will launch a pop up box that presents additional data to aide the user in the narrowing of Search results.

In order to further refine the desired list of Services, users may:

  • Exclude specific Services: Click 'Exclude from Referral' on the Search tile. This will remove the Service from the Referral generated for the Client.
  • Sort List: Users may sort the list by Random, Alphabetically (A->Z), or by Cost (low to high).

Generate Referral and Send to Client

After compiling the desired list of Services, users may be required to send the list to a Client. The preferred method to carry out this task is to 'Generate a Referral' record and send to the Client directly from the ESP interface. In order to do so, a Client must be associated with the Search. If the Search was performed without associating a Client, the user must add a Client before generating the referral record. Read how to Add a Client to a Search for more details.

After adding a Client to the Search, and after the Search results reflect the desired list of Services, the user will select the 'Generate Referral' button at the top and right of the Search results.

Doing so, will launch a pop up window that requests two (2) pieces of information from the user:

  • Press: Generate Referral in bottom right of pop up screen.
  • Enter Referral Comments: These comments will appear on the .pdf document that is sent to the Client. This is intended for custom comments and can be used at the discretion of the User.
  • Enter Email Addresses: Enter a single email address or a list of email addresses separated by commas, in order to send the Referral to the Client. The user will press 'Send Referral' to complete the process and send the list to the Client via email. The Client will receive an email prompting them to download the referral.


If permissions are granted, users may be capable of viewing Referral records in ESP. To do so, the user will access the 'Client Referrals' main menu tab under 'Admin'. A list of recent Referrals will be presented to the user with information including:

  • Client Name
  • Referral #
  • Created Date / Time
  • Created By
  • List of Services and Providers Referred
  • Indicator of # of times the Client has viewed the Referral record.

In addition, users may download to view the referral .pdf document that was sent to the Client.

Download List OR Send Referral from ESP

Download and Print Search Results

Often, instead of generating a referral record and sending a list of services to a client, users may prefer to perform a search and simply download the list for printing, sending from an external system, or for some other administrative function. To do so, users will follow a similar process as 'Generating a Referral' as describe above.

  • Select the 'Generate Referral' button at the top and right of the Search results.
  • A pop up box will be presented and the user will, once again, press 'Generate Referral'.
  • Press 'Download Referral' and the list of Services will download to your browser's tray.

To Download a List, just press 'Download Referral'.

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