ThingTech Product Features


Enterprise Asset Management

Move out of spreadsheets

Consolidate all data about your assets – vehicles, equipment, facilities, and infrastructure – into a web-based, accessible from anywhere system. 

  • 100% confidence in your data
  •  Instantly produce reports on the full life cycle of your equipment
  • Track financial, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and custom data.
  • Easily extend with custom fields and reports. 
Before ThingTech, we used Access databases and spreadsheets to compile our data and reports. Now, everything is in ThingTech and we all can access it 24/7 from anywhere. It’s changed the way we work and look at our data.”
— Keith Decher, CFO, Jonathan Green Company

Predict and Prevent Maintenance Issues

ThingTech uses real-time utilization and telematics data to keep your preventive maintenance programs on schedule and reduce costly corrective maintenance work with real-time alerts and work order process automation.

  • 50% improvement in PM Schedule Compliance
  • 20% Reduction in corrective maintenance costs
  • 10% reduction in parts inventory
We manage 130 vehicles garaged in 32 different places. Coordinating PM Schedules was impossible before ThingTech. Now, we have accurate predictions of when PM work is coming due and we’re all on the same page. It’s a game changer.”
— Dean Orr, Director, Ride Connection

Eliminate Insurance, Registration & Warranty Lapses

ThingTech easily manages all renewal dates for insurance and required registration so you and your fleet are 100% protected from financial or regulatory risk and costs.

  • Eliminate asset loss and costs from insurance coverage and registration lapse.
  • 15% average reduction in insurance premium payments on disposed assets.
  • 10% insurance premium reduction for GPS system with safe driving features.
  • Maximize warranty recovery rates.


I can sleep easy knowing that my fleet is covered and we’re completely organized.”
— Gary Shepard - Vice President, Soldier On

Reduce Capital Budgets

ThingTech provides the tools to track and optimize your replacement process to extend useful life and systematically plan replacement value and dates by a comprehensive assessment that analyzes age, utilization, maintenance, reliability, and condition. 

  • 8% average fleet size reduction
  • Extend useful life by up to 20%
  • Manage capital replacement budget with "what-if" scenarios

We’ll save 10% on our capital budget now that we have the data to enforce our replacement policy. We live and breathe with the Asset Scorecard…it’s great.”
— Aaron Russell, Director of Public Works - City of Burleson, TX