City of Coconut Creek, FL Chooses thingtech for Real-Time Fleet Management

Cloud based Solution Replaces Incumbent with Ease of Use and Reporting Features

Thingtech ( – an Atlanta, GA company announced today that it has deployed TracIT – a real-time asset tracking solution – to the City of Coconut Creek, FL.  The City operates a fleet of approximately 65 vehicles to deliver services throughout the City.

After a financial review of its existing fleet tracking system, the City concluded the cost / benefit of switching to the Thingtech platform was too compelling not to act.  The existing system had grown expensive and lacked innovation, while Thingtech was able to provide long term cost reduction and better return on investment, a better user interface, and upside to integrate other city systems for a mobile resource management solution as opposed to just a fleet tracking solution.

“Coconut Creek is a fantastic example of the need for innovation in the fleet management market. They require more than just basic fleet tracking and have a vision for an integrated platform for Fleet Tracking, Asset Management, and Field Services.  We’re excited to work with them to fulfill the vision.” says Brian Corcoran, President of thingtech.

The solution is being scaled in by department to further reduce the City’s financial investment.  As structured, the City saves money both in the long term and immediately with Thingtech’s creative hardware leasing program.  Through the program, the City is not required to purchase hardware outright and instead leases the hardware on a monthly basis.  In addition to avoiding a capital expense, the City also takes advantage of a continual hardware warranty program and still has reduced monthly expenses contrasted with its legacy system.  These benefits, combined with the upside of the Thingtech platform was an easy decision for the City.

About City of Coconut Creek, FL

The City of Coconut Creek, FL is located in Broward County and has a population of approximately 55,000 residents.  Approximately 12 square miles, the City provides residents with a variety of city services and operates a fleet of approximately 65 vehicles across several departments.  In 2010 the City was named the 48th best small town to live in by Money magazine.

About thingtech, LLC

thingtech is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for Enterprise Asset Management (manageIT), Fleet Tracking and Telematics (tracIT), and Schedule and Route Optimization (routeIT) for a variety of vertical markets including Construction, Interstate Trucking, Local Delivery, State and Local Government, and Public Transport. Solutions are real time providing actionable data through work flow automation and predictive analytics.

CIOReview Selects Thingtech for 20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers

Thingtech tabbed for for Expertise in connecting Assets and the Mobile Workforce with Enterprise business processes and Customers

CA – July 12, 2015 – CIO Review ( has chosen thingtech ( for its  20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers. The positioning is based on evaluation of thingtech’s capabilities in asset management solutions have redefined the industry’s ideology of a “find and fix” approach to asset and equipment maintenance to a ‘’predict and prevent’’ paradigm.

The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of CIOReview’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship. “Thingtech has been on our radar for some time for stirring a revolution in the Field Service landscape, and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology-driven solutions,” said Harvi Sachar, Publisher and Founder, CIOReview. “thingtech’s solutions continued to break new ground within the past year, benefiting its customers around the globe, and we’re excited to have them featured on our top companies list.”

“Thingtech is honored to be recognized by CIO Review’s panel of experts and thought leaders,” said Brian Corcoran, President of thingtech.

About thingtech

thingtech’s suite of solutions represents a connected,  intelligent  field  service  solution  that optimizes  work  and  migrates  field  workers away  from  a  paper  intensive  business  to  mobile  apps for  a  more  accurate,  paperless  data collection environment.

About CIOReview

CIOReview constantly endeavors to identify "The Best" in a variety of areas important to tech business. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, our editors choose the best in different domains. Field Service Solution Providers is an annual listing of 20 Most Promising Field Service Solution Providers in the U.S.

Berkshire Regional Transit Authority Successfully Deploys Thingtech’s Enterprise Transit Asset Management System

Innovative Cloud based Solution Provides an Integrated and Intuitive Fleet and Asset Management System for Improved Asset Maintenance and Utilization

Atlanta, GA and Pittsfield, MA – July 2015 – Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) located in western Massachusetts announces the successful implementation of an enterprise transit asset management system provided by Thingtech.   Thingtech, an innovative provider of cloud-based and real-time fleet and asset management software, was selected after a competitive RFP process in October 2014.  Thingtech is known for its unique approach to providing customer focused and integrated solutions that are easy to use that meet the requirements of FTA’s State of Good Repair and MAP21 mandates.

BRTA manages and maintains a wide range of fleets, facilities, systems, and equipment.  BRTA operates approximately 70 vehicles with multiple support, transfer, and maintenance facilities in order to carry out its mission of providing safe and efficient fixed route, and demand response transportation throughout Western Massachusetts.  BRTA has been on the leading edge of technology and ITS adoption and now has a complete end to end asset management system to monitor the inventory, utilization, condition, and status of the assets it owns and operates.

“Thingtech has been a great partner during the implementation of our new asset management system.  They understood BRTA’s vision, then integrated their asset management software to meet our needs while complying with FTA guidelines and best practices.   We can manage our mission critical assets proactively and plan for our future growth strategically.”  said Robert Malnati, BRTA Administrator.

Federal mandates are requiring state and local government organizations to manage and maintain their fixed assets and infrastructure in a more systematic fashion.  Data on asset condition, utilization, and capital replacement is increasingly more important for funding replacement of vehicles, facilities, and equipment.   BRTA leadership realized the importance of creating an asset management system that would allow them to more strategically manage, operate, and plan for their future investments using the entire asset lifecycles through integrated and real time systems.

Core components include:

  • Grants Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Facility Management
  • Bus Stop and Station Management
  • Equipment, Systems, and Inventory
  • Geospatial Integration via Google Maps and ESRI
  • Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • MassDOT and FTA MAP-21 Reporting Requirements
  • Mobile Apps for Inspection and Condition Assessment

Tim Quinn, thingtech CEO, states, “BRTA leadership and staff clearly understand the need for implementing both technology and processes to extend asset lifecycles, improve asset utilization, and provide asset analytics for improved planning, budgeting, and decision making.”

About Berkshire Regional Transit Authority

The BRTA oversees and coordinates fixed-route and paratransit transportation services within the twenty-four member cities and towns of Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts. Fixed route bus service is provided in twelve communities and specialized transportation provided in eighteen communities. One of the eight original regional transit authorities (RTAs) created by state statute (MGL §161B) in 1974, currently fifteen RTAs are responsible for administering public transportation services throughout much of Massachusetts, outside of the Boston metropolitan area.

About Thingtech

Thingtech is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for Enterprise Asset Management (manageIT), Maintenance and Materials, Real Time Asset Tracking and Telematics (tracIT), and Schedule and Route Optimization (routeIT) for a variety of vertical markets including Construction, Transportation, Service Delivery, Government, and Public Transport. Solutions are real time providing actionable data through work flow automation and predictive analytics.

Federal Transit Administration Issues Proposed Rule for Transit Agencies to Achieve State of Good Repair, implement Transit Asset Management, Improve Safety

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) today issued aproposed rule that would require public transportation agencies to monitor and manage their capital assets to achieve and maintain a state of good repair.  Identifying and prioritizing maintenance and repair needs of transit vehicles and infrastructure could lower costs, increase reliability and performance, reduce travel delays for passengers, promote resilience, and yield system safety improvements.


“Transit ridership is rising, public transportation equipment and infrastructure are aging, and there is a growing backlog of transit-related capital maintenance needs with limited funding available,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.  “Better and more efficient management of transit assets is a smart way to get more from our investments while ensuring we maintain the safe, reliable and accessible transit service the American public deserves.”

The proposed rule would require public transportation agencies to develop a Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan that determines the condition of its capital assets, including the system’s equipment, rolling stock, infrastructure, and facilities.  To reduce the burden on small operators, the proposed rule offers a two-tiered approach for the TAM Plan requirement. Small transit providers operating 100 or fewer vehicles in revenue service and no rail fixed-guideway service and all subrecipients under the Rural Area Formula Program would be allowed to participate in a Group TAM Plan that would be developed by a State or other direct recipient of FTA funding.

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) directs FTA to create a TAM System to help transit agencies achieve a better and more informed balance between system preservation and expansion projects, with a strong focus on improving safety.  The TAM System is intended to provide a transit agency with a comprehensive understanding of how the condition of its capital assets may impact the safety of its system.

“Strategic and targeted investments to replace and rehabilitate aging transit infrastructure are needed to bring the Nation’s bus and rail systems into a state of good repair,” said FTA Acting Administrator Therese McMillan. “Given the diversity of transit systems, from complex urban networks to small operators in rural communities, the proposed rule offers a flexible approach for public transportation providers to better manage and maintain their assets.”

The proposed rule would also define the term “state of good repair,” establish state of good repair performance measures, and have transit agencies set performance targets based on those measures, which they can then use to prioritize limited capital investment funding.  In addition, transit agencies would be required to report new information to the National Transit Database.

Insufficient funding combined with inadequate asset management practices have contributed to an estimated $86 billion transit in state of good repair backlogs nationwide that continues to grow with reduced levels of investment.  To address this need, the Administration’s multi-year transportation funding bill, the GROW AMERICA Act, proposes a total of $7.6 billion in fiscal year 2016 to support FTA’s state of good repair efforts, with incremental increases in each fiscal year through the end of the Act’s authorization period.

Public comments on the proposed rule are accepted through Nov. 30, 2015.

FTA Committed to Safety through MAP-21

In 2012, through passage of MAP-21, Congress required the Federal Transit Administration (“FTA”) to develop a comprehensive program for safety in public transportation.1FTA’s new safety mandate is in addition to its historical role as a granting agency.

The latest Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”), issued August 14, 2015 (“the August 2015 NPRM”) seeks comment to establish a Public Transportation Safety Program to strengthen the safety of public transportation systems.  Comments are due October 13, 2015.2

FTA proposes to add: 1) a formal adoption of Safety Management Systems as the basis for FTA’s safety oversight and regulatory approach; 2) procedures under the Administrator’s authority to conduct inspections, investigations, audits, examinations, and testing of equipment, facilities, rolling stock and operations of a public transportation system; and 3) procedures under the Administrator’s authority to take appropriate enforcement actions, including directing the use or withholding of funds, and issuing directives and advisories.  Additionally, FTA outlines the contents of the National Public Safety Transportation Plan.

This most recent NPRM is the latest in a series of actions FTA is taking to implement its safety programs Congress authorized in MAP-21.  In February 2015, FTA issued an NPRM to transform and strengthen State Safety Oversight (“SSO”) of rail fixed guideway public transportation systems.  That NPRM proposed to grant states greater safety responsibility over rail fixed guideway systems, but FTA would review and approve each SSO system and FTA would impose financial penalties on those states with non-existent or non-compliant safety oversight programs.3

A few weeks before issuing the August 2015 NPRM, Acting Administrator Therese McMillan released a letter outlining FTA’s “ongoing role in strengthening transit safety” regarding FTA’s accident investigation authority.4   The letter reviews FTA’s mandate to conduct investigations for safety oversight, including the power to make reports, issue safety directives, issue subpoenas, and take depositions as well as investigate, inspect, and audit federally funded transit agencies.

The August 2015 NPRM is not FTA’s final rulemaking implementing its MAP-21 safety mandates.  FTA has future plans to issue a Transit Asset Management NPRM and an update to the Statewide and Metropolitan Planning regulations that require consideration of transit safety performance criteria.

Ride Connection Chooses Thingtech for Transit Asset Management Solution

Cloud based Solution Coordinates Assets across 30 Provider Garage Locations

Atlanta, GA – 8/21/2015 – Thingtech ( – an Atlanta, GA company announced today that it has been selected to deploy maintainIT – an enterprise transit asset management solution – to Ride Connection, Inc. (Ride Connection), a leading provider and broker of demand response community transportation services in the Portland, OR metropolitan area. 

Ride Connection, like many community transportation providers, operates a large fleet across a wide geography. This, along with the company’s unique provider and broker model – where some vehicles are operated by providers; not Ride Connection directly – present large challenges for maintenance management, record keeping, and reporting requirements.

Recognizing the challenge, Ride Connection turned to technology to assist.  After evaluating proposals, Ride Connection selected Thingtech for its innovative, cloud-based and wirelessly connected solution that connects providers via the cloud and can connect assets through real-time tracking for asset utilization, asset health status, and driver safety.

“We’re very excited to be working with Thingtech. Their fleet management tools offered a combination of features that no one else could beat.  Community transportation challenges are unique relative to other industries and we were thrilled to find a vendor that provided robust Fleet management tools, with the detailed features geared specifically for us and our industry.”  Says Elaine Wells, Executive Director of Ride Connection.

The solution provides end-to-end maintenance management with enhanced features specific to public transportation, such as the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) asset data modeling and reporting requirements.  In addition, cloud-based solution offers out-of-the-box Web Portal functionality to provide limited, secure, web-based access to those transportation and maintenance service providers who require access to periodically update data and access system features.

“Ride Connection is an innovative leader in community transportation. The challenges they face are a perfect fit for our platform that provides Asset Intelligence through the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).  We’re honored that our solutions will help Ride Connection with their mission of delivering the gift of mobility to those in need.” says Brian Corcoran, President of thingtech.

About Ride Connection

Started in 1986, Ride Connection is a non-profit who pioneered a coordinated transportation delivery system composed of transportation partners.  Ride Connection and its service partners offer a variety of transportation services for medical needs, shopping, employment, school, supportive services, nutrition, volunteer work, and recreation throughout the Portland, OR Tri-County area.

About Thingtech, LLC

thingtech is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for Enterprise Asset Management (manageIT), Fleet Tracking and Telematics (tracIT), and Schedule and Route Optimization (routeIT) for a variety of vertical markets including Construction, Interstate Trucking, Local Delivery, State and Local Government, and Public Transport. Solutions are real time providing actionable data through work flow automation and predictive analytics.