3 Tips for Transit Asset Management Planning

Our solutions are built to support business plans and processes.  Without plans, our solution - or any software product - has no purpose / no direction and is basically worthless.  To provide structure to each Transit Asset Management deployment, we provide a suite of Planning Services designed to both meet MAP21 TAM requirements, and complete the Design / Configuration phase of our software deployment.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to purchase the Thingtech Transit Asset Management solution to benefit from our Asset Management Planning services (although we think you should!!)  To provide some context, here's a recorded webinar that discusses the TAM Planning Process:

What you see above is mostly general Asset Management Planning; however, be careful when developing your Transit Asset Management Plan and make sure you cover the following:

  1. Integrate Transit Service Planning:  How can you accurately forecast capital needs if you don't accurately forecast service demand...make sure you go with an expert who understands transit planning, operations, and (ideally) the business systems you use because data analysis will be needed.
  2. Consolidate Systems, Integrate Where Necessary:  Your TAM system will touch all aspects of your business.  For an enterprise deployment, integration will be needed; however, take stock of your systems that require an upgrade and consider consolidating into your preferred Asset Management solution provider.  As an example, does your maintenance system need an overhaul?  Consider consolidating Maintenance & Asset Mgt...
  3. Automate Data Collection Whenever Possible: Your TAM system fundamentally depends on great data collection.  (Insert "Garbage in, Garbage out" cliche here).  Any system you implement should be 100% web-based and fully accessible via any mobile device to facilitate data collection from any location - i.e. shop, wayside, or any facility you operate.  Make sure it's 100% web-based and fully accessible...not partially accessible, not "hey we have an app you can install, but only on certain devices".  No - 100% web based so your data collection efforts don't turn into an exercise in troubleshooting your software.
  4. Telematics is Automated Data Collection:  The title says 3, but here's a free one...Consider integrating real time Telematics to collect accurate mileage and vehicle health data. You're rolling stock is the most important asset you own...invest in it to improve utilization and reduce maintenance cost.