City of Peculiar, MO Deploys TracIT for Tracking Snow Plows and Public Safety

Cloud based Solution Improves Dispatch, Accountability, and Winter Operations

Thingtech ( – an Atlanta, GA company announced today that it has deployed tracIT – powered by thingtech – to the City of Peculiar, Missouri municipal fleet.  The City operates approximately 30 vehicles throughout various city departments to deliver mission critical public services.  Leading the way, and each possessing their own, unique requirements, the Public Safety and Snow Plow departments drove the adoption of the technology.  thingtech responded by deploying tracIT – the company’s flagship vehicle and asset tracking solution – along with a configurable web portal to provide limited, read-only access to the public and partners.

Public Safety is highly focused on the safety of both its citizenry and officers.  As a result, the city required a “high frequency” GPS tracking solution – i.e. reports every 10 seconds – to ensure that locations, vehicle actions, panic alarms, and other valuable data is reported in real-time and can be immediately acted on in emergency situations.

Further, Peculiar partners with a neighboring community, who provides dispatch services in “off-hours”.  To ensure proper dispatch and emergency management, the City’s partners required limited access to the tracking solution for specific vehicles at specific times without granting full access to the entire solution.

In addition to including business partners into the fold, the City was sharply focused on its most important constituent – the public at large.  After years of struggling to communicate the status of snow removal in winter months, the City turned to thingtech to leverage GPS fleet tracking to engage the community.  Coming this winter, the City will feature a new web page displaying vehicle locations and status of the snow removal operation.  The system is expected to lighten the volume of calls to the city during snow events by publishing online the most frequent inquires.

“We’re really pleased to partner with the City of Peculiar. Their mission to leverage real-time solutions and to extend them throughout their business, partner, and customer communities aligns perfectly with our mission and vision says Brian Corcoran, President of thingtech.

About City of Peculiar, MO

The City of Peculiar is located in Cass County in western Missouri.  The city’s population is approximately 5,000 residents.  The City provides public services that include public safety, utilities, roads, permitting and code enforcement, parks and recreation, and other municipal asset maintenance functions.

About Thingtech, LLC

Thingtech is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and offers Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for Enterprise Asset Management (manageIT), Fleet Tracking and Telematics (tracIT), and Schedule and Route Optimization (routeIT) for a variety of vertical markets including Construction, Interstate Trucking, Local Delivery, State and Local Government, and Public Transport. Solutions are real time providing actionable data through work flow automation and predictive analytics.